stay funky

Feb. 20th 12:20 AM 2010
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thnx friend

Feb. 19th 06:26 PM 2010
its been rainin over gud..lik always glad u are fine..dats so is da weather over there ?.peace and love

HaPpY FrIdAy My LuvLy FrIeNd!

Feb. 19th 09:08 AM 2010

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GoOd MoRnI My DeAr!

Feb. 18th 08:27 AM 2010

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Gudmorni Dear!

Feb. 16th 08:25 AM 2010

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HaPpY VaL 2 U!

Feb. 15th 08:11 AM 2010 myspace graphic comments
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Gud-morni princess!

Feb. 12th 08:38 AM 2010
U are d reason why i am here
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. U mean alot 2 me.

JuSt 4 U!

Feb. 11th 08:22 AM 2010

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Feb. 10th 08:05 AM 2010

Wowowow. . .

Feb. 8th 05:10 PM 2010
Hello Trace, i just wont you to know that my birthday bash and celebration was great, thank you. With great a friend like you. . . I always have a fortress of solitude. Thanks for your love and care. I'll always remember you. Maybe sometime, we can over the phone. Carez