hi sweety

Jan. 27th 11:59 AM 2010
wish i could say it is, but still loving that same stupid, stubborn man, i know, you're going to say who's really stupid here and i know i am, love works in mysterious ways.big kiss


Jan. 26th 10:37 PM 2010
been a long tym, I am doin gud here, cant complain....hope all is well with u and ur son

Gudmorni Princess!

Jan. 26th 08:26 AM 2010
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thanks tricia

Jan. 26th 07:52 AM 2010
i appreciate all your text messages


Jan. 23rd 11:48 PM 2010
Thanks thanks...

Gud-morni princess!

Jan. 21st 08:20 AM 2010
May his peace shine on u like this.zwani.com myspace graphic comments
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thank you dear

Jan. 19th 06:56 AM 2010
stay blessed

i can feel you

Jan. 18th 02:04 AM 2010
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Jan. 17th 08:14 AM 2010
Kathys comments


Jan. 14th 05:34 PM 2010
thank you . hope everything is fine your side too. take care