thnx cutie

Feb. 2nd 08:03 PM 2010
im glad of u....oh you do graphic design??....and if u do...on wat kind of style???...i love graphic pic..

u too

Feb. 2nd 07:35 PM 2010
moi just cool ..just doin some videoclips at the moment and tracks...hop u ok....blessin u page..nice pic u got there.


Feb. 1st 08:09 AM 2010 myspace graphic comments
Myspace Monday Comments

will call you this weekend girl

Jan. 30th 07:42 AM 2010
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Jan. 29th 08:53 PM 2010
so so much ma'am, I really appreciate that.


Jan. 29th 06:57 PM 2010
life is good and God has been so faithful. I hope ur week is fulfilled?have a good weekend.

bless you

Jan. 28th 09:10 AM 2010
stay real always


Jan. 28th 08:14 AM 2010 myspace graphic comments
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Its turnin out

Jan. 27th 12:14 PM 2010
To be one sweet adventure ma'm..hw r u?

hopes for you

Jan. 27th 12:01 PM 2010
hi sweety, i know i'm late but haven't been around so much prayers for you this year is prosperity, hope, joy, luck and a whole lot of love