Aug. 9th 04:43 PM 2012
thanks for ur love. u re always welcome


Jul. 4th 03:14 AM 2012
Its been a long time pal??

ohh thanks dear

Feb. 26th 01:06 AM 2012
I just saw ur comment. Thanks 4 d love....hw re u doing

i miss Love

Feb. 12th 03:26 AM 2012
Hw have u been?? i always think of u, hope u write back?? i miss u


Nov. 14th 07:11 AM 2010
how r u enjoying ur life trip? hahahahaaaa...hope all is well and that life is treating u well?God bless my dear.check out some new xmas songs on my profile page, i'm sure u'll like them!


Nov. 12th 05:00 PM 2010
I had to put the project on hold for a while. I'm so overwhelmed with all the work I have to do. My major is accounting. My course is global studies. I just have to research the Nigerian culture and events. It's a lot of research, but I'm managing! Thanks!

thanks my dear

Nov. 6th 06:20 PM 2010
big love for u.

thank you tricia

Oct. 20th 02:24 AM 2010
how are you woman?

Halloween Comments

thank you tricia

Oct. 20th 02:22 AM 2010
how are you woman?

Halloween Comments

hello dear

Oct. 13th 02:05 AM 2010
thanks soo much 4 the compliments.... how re u doing dear.... u look ful of life and interesting too