Oct. 2nd 11:39 PM 2010
For complimenting my page, Yes all is cris &tidy give thanx


Oct. 2nd 08:40 AM 2010
Tnx for the confirmation, bless u..........


Sep. 28th 04:56 PM 2010
hi...hows ur day been?u have a very nice smile,are u american?


Sep. 5th 03:06 AM 2010
i'm always staying out of trouble, hahahaa...tnx for stopping by and God bless. wishing u a happy wkend.

Ms. Ohio, thank you for all your text messages, oooo

Aug. 15th 11:36 AM 2010
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Aug. 15th 10:50 AM 2010
Thanks for showing love here. Thanks


Aug. 14th 11:21 PM 2010
4 da much lov dear...happy weekend..stay cool...hop u are enjoyin ya weekend...tsay cool


Jun. 24th 10:07 AM 2010
back home again.

hey tricia, thanks for all the text messages, missing you girl

Jun. 22nd 02:48 AM 2010
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Jun. 22nd 01:07 AM 2010
always good to read from u my good friend n to know that u're doing well.i'm fine n the music stuff is going well. getting ready to hit the studio again for another song,hahahaaa...i'm always recording u know, lolmy wife is fine, she sends was ur wkend? 'ope it was cool?