Jun. 8th 05:25 AM 2010
u look sexy n hot too,hahahaaa...don't worry, i've not been so chanced to come online that often either. all is well, tnk God n u?

hi my sweet sis

May. 31st 04:16 PM 2010
so good to hear you're okay, i love your pic btw, you look great!!!!At the moment i'm managing and also try to stay out of trouble, how do you do it??? :-pI keep finding the worst men on earth on my path, but luckily i don't fall for them that easily anymore.But i don't know what it is, i seem to attract only them!!!Aren't there any good men left on this great round ball called earth???Anyways, hope you will stay happy and doing well, real big kiss and much love from Holland to Nigeria from me to you!!!God Bless!!!

Hi youneverknw.

May. 31st 01:59 PM 2010
Thanks for having me as a pal, 1love.


May. 28th 07:47 PM 2010

Friendship Comments

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May. 28th 12:38 PM 2010
Nuff thx sis! Hily appreciated for real, seen.
Have a great day & keep it upful, aight:-)
Blessed yuh are.

Thanks 4 the comment

May. 27th 04:22 PM 2010
Pls do try checking on me 2, it so , says Mekxo.

just passing by

May. 27th 04:13 PM 2010
But canT without asking how u r,
Hp u r haveing nice time.
Mekxo checking on u.
Check this out and pls leave a comment


May. 20th 04:15 PM 2010
so much for stoppin by...hope u re hvin a nice time

Hi my beautifull sis

May. 19th 10:09 PM 2010
Hi sweety,

how have you been these months, i know i have been neglecting you dearly and i'm sorry for that.
Hope everything is ok with you!!
Big, Big kiss and God Bless!!!!

Hi Dear! Hapi Sunday!

May. 16th 02:48 PM 2010
Longest time! How are u doing? Am so sorry 4 d long silence. U are a friend indeed. Thanks 4 d luv & care. I miss u so much.