im gud

Mar. 26th 02:04 PM 2010
how abt u?

forgotten birthday wishes

Mar. 24th 09:50 PM 2010
Hi sweety, i'm so sorry that i didn't congratulate you with your birthday the day itself.

I wish you a long, healthy, loving, caring, prosperous etc life!!!!!
Happy birthday and big kiss


Mar. 5th 01:29 PM 2010
thank you for remember me ok?


Mar. 5th 12:04 AM 2010
Its not easy to catch! But I think if you keep up the chase for something like 10mins, it gets tired.I'm good, and you? Thanks for the love you show always.Muuaaah..

Thanks ma

Mar. 3rd 12:48 AM 2010
4 d compliments, I'm doin fine well how bout you?
Hp u still livin up dat positive way..surfin d waves of time and makin a single moment count?...stay blessed

Hello. . .

Mar. 2nd 09:31 AM 2010
Hello Love, hope your great today? I'm great got an audition to do for a runway shots. I missed on mr Nigeria contest cos i got the news late. But its good. Much love and kiss always


Feb. 27th 06:11 PM 2010
Thanks for ur comment to me, am grateful

thnx cutie

Feb. 23rd 12:44 AM 2010
im doin great...and u---just busy with moi music..always in da studio now...wat about u...miss ya...peace andlove

YeS YeS, i will

Feb. 22nd 04:24 PM 2010
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Hi sweety

Feb. 21st 09:45 AM 2010
Thanx for your uplifting words, i thought i head a good Valentinesday, but it turned out to be the biggest scam you could ever imagine.I will tell you about it another time.Hope your Valentines day was great though!!!!Enjoy your weekend, with lot's of love and greetings,God Bless!!!!