Nov. 20th 03:07 PM 2009
am doing fine thank you . have a nice weekend

thank you tricia

Nov. 19th 12:36 AM 2009
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thanx tricia, now i have 2 friends in OHIO, LOL

Nov. 16th 05:12 PM 2009
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Nov. 15th 02:44 PM 2009
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It was ok

Nov. 12th 03:09 PM 2009
had some fun wit frnds....Thanks.....How re u?

same to you

Nov. 12th 12:24 PM 2009

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Nov. 11th 10:40 AM 2009
and u to hv a wonderful day

thanks tricia

Nov. 10th 07:10 PM 2009
same to you lady. have a wonderful day today. when you get a chance, give me you phone number and your email address, okay. one luv sista

Hello Trich

Nov. 8th 10:18 AM 2009

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Nov. 7th 10:10 PM 2009