MMM. . .

Oct. 29th 06:04 PM 2009
Much more than wild. . . Haha. You are flattering me too much Tricia and i'm loving it. Much love to you

Haha. . .

Oct. 29th 03:30 PM 2009
You really got me thinking about you lately. . . Hope you are good? Love

i hear ya sista, lol

Oct. 28th 06:35 AM 2009
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Oct. 25th 06:26 AM 2009
How are ya doing Tricia? Just being a great while and i have every doubt you are perfectly okay. I think your picture will be of great relieve on fb if you upload some. . . Haha. Peace and love

O dear

Oct. 23rd 09:24 AM 2009
Uhmm..dnt wanna sound all sympathetic cos i knw u've goten enough of that alreadyi like ur ideals..and i'm sure i would do d same i i were usee dese movies u might like emThe bucket of wishes'Last holiday..staring..queen latifai hope i got the title's right..i'll check n get back to ubut in d mean time ..have for the moment..and put a smile in sm's faceMuch love to u

thank you tricia

Oct. 23rd 03:34 AM 2009
i am a little tired, lol

i think i am starting to feel my age, oooo

For You Comments - For You Comments

always teasin

Oct. 22nd 10:13 PM 2009
wish all dis is true

thank you tricia

Oct. 21st 08:10 PM 2009

For You Comments - For You Comments


Oct. 21st 05:28 AM 2009
sure, i'm enjoying the rasta thing u know, lol...'ope ur wk rocks like ur wkend,haahahha


Oct. 20th 12:48 AM 2009
very funny, come over n I will show u all around, u sure gonna hv fun