hello guys I need some assistance/suggestion . so I met a gi...
hello guys I need some assistance/suggestion . so I met a girl some 2years ago, hardly knew her but got her pregnant. Since I really don’t know her much but knows she isn’t financially buoyant so was scared of accepting her and presenting her to the rest of the family.
Then I made a promise to her that I will back her up especially in her academics both university and completion of her professional degree (she wasn’t in the university then but doing some professional course). So I did, I assisted her in also getting some funds due to her and her family through a process. I asked her to lend me 300k, but told her I will pay it back in bits through paying her fees. of which I have given over 1million naira in assistance; but right now I have told her that we will b getting married this year in 7months time, as soon as she clears her professional certificate courses and be in year 3 in the university.
well my greatest fear finally got hold of me when somehow she got some money to open a shop, and then she began to arrogantly speak to me and sounding ungrateful she even said that one month I gave her “only 8k”, infact she became a total new person, for this reason I told that I was broke and won’t be able to pay that semester that she should look for peeps to borrow from then I will pay (just so she can know that money is hard and people hardly give and should be grateful for the ones given) well that was when she told me that she has opened a shop and that her shop can pay her fees, then I realized that, that was why she became arrogant. but we spoke over it and got over it so I believed
This girl now told me how this biz was having good sales, so I gave a little chunk of money (with the understanding that 30% of the profit will be for her) with the intent to observe her and then add up to pay for the completion of her professional course.
This girl neither refunded the money nor spoke about the profit, she said she has paid for some of the professional courses and never acknowledged the fact that the payment was both from the capitals and returns from the money given to her rather she was saying she used up the 200k plus for the kid.
Well I told her to refund the money and if she doesn’t I won’t assist her any further , this brought some commotion as she refused, later she said I also ate her 300k. well ignored her and we got talking normal, just 2days ago I called to ask her about her school, she said no money, I was like how, next she brought up the 300k issue, she then said infact the relationship is over. I was like really, she said yes that she has gotten a job now as a manager somewhere and doesn’t need me anymore as I am like a disturbance to her.
Guys I am really confused if I should plead with her or not because I know I have hurt her in the past, but what I have realized now is that when she feels or senses some kind of financial danger she will try to get talking with me but as soon as she feels secured she begins to show her arrogance. And finally she portends to behave like a gold digger as she keeps drumming in my ear that her friends fees were actually catered for by their boyfriends/ fiancés of which I am not a party to due to experience from friends. Please help a brother out.

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