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How are you my baby? Still feeling the vibes. Do u really want to talk to me? Well if you do you can email me. Kisses! Whitney housten: I will alway' s love you ! My baby, Muaaahhhhh!...
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My life is nothing, my fiancée just called off our engagement after 2 months, I am so devastated after risking all for her!...
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I am 24 years old. I met this guy Aramide on IG and he made me realize that indeed, fake love is all that exist. My dad left when I was a 4 and ever since i' ve had trust issues. I had my first boyfriend at 21 after so many persuations but he cheated and left. Ever since I remained single till 2months ago, I met Aramide, he slid into the dm and I was a bit skeptical but we connected immediately. I fell in love, smh. He had some shortcomings but I felt i could overlook them, not until recentl...
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There' s this guy I met early may. We' ve gone out on two dates, he has asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him we need to slow things down. He' s very understanding and I actually like him but it' s just three weeks we' ve known and we kissed yesterday and since then he' s been telling everyone I' m his girlfriend. Don' t get me wrong, I' m in love with the fact that he wants a serious relationship and not afraid of showing me off. I just want something las...
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I have a lesbian sister in-law whom during my courtship with the brother fought so hard to separate us but the bond was unbreakable, Oluwa fought my battle. My husband base in Italy and he' s running around to see that I join him soon.. Fast forward to the main koko, I never knew my sister in-law is a lesbian until the day she visited me, I slept on the same bed with her without knowing she' s a lesbian, at midnight, I felt a hand gently romancing and caressing my nipple, You can imagine...
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What would you do? You meet a gurl through a friend, made an appointment and y' all chilled out for like 2 hours gisting and getting to know each other... It was full of laughs and all. All of a sudden she starts acting weirder everyday. You call she doesn' t pick and when she picks she talks as if she' s dreaming, she talks to you anyhow, she shouts at everything, hiss at everything. She refused to see you again. Tried all you can but, she tries her possible best to cripple every ef...
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Hello princesses and you have the juice and sauce...kindly link up feeling sucking some vanilla taste pussykat rightnow...kindly call me on 0708 158 8609...lagos island base only strings attached..platonic...
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I have a boyfriend who doesn’t seem to know what he wants. We have been dating for one year and he comes up with weird excuses why we can’t go to the next level. He will fix a date with me and not show up and then two days later he will call as if nothing happened. I have already discounted him as a boyfriend. Just the other day we were texting each other and he told me he loved me. I made a funny face and told him that he had no clue about dating. He replied and said: “I really love you a...
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I am a single mother who has had to work really hard to give my only daughter a good life. Thankfully, God blessed the work of my hands and my food processing company now has branches all over the country. Lately, I have been thinking about planning my estate and writing a Will since I am now a grandmother. Naturally, the bulk of my assets will go to my daughter. The problem is her husband. As it is, he basically lives off my daughter’s income and my goodwill. I am worried that he will squande...
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this concerns the alto sterling case.if you cannot handle .this information you can delete it...its the truth something .Louisiana and nothing about.. what the world knows about the what the news ..wants you to know...I Know.what the news will not tell you may not know is. the so called law enforcement agencies..employees paid informants..they are their invisible.foot soldiers..who spy on private citizens..for the corrupt law.agencies..of America..i know the names of...
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