Hi everyone, I am a 36 years in age. I do need your advice p...
Hi everyone, I am a 36 years in age. I do need your advice pls. no abuses pls be matured!
I am in a 3 years romantic relationship with a lady who happens to have 2 kids from a failed marriage that affected her life backwardly. Having felt her pains from the fail of her marriage to a very terrible man who has decided to keep her as a sex slave. He ( Ex husband) eventualy left home living her to cater for the kids after trying very hard to have her packing which she didnt do for fear that her kids would suffer, she even developed High blood pressure at a young age of 30, I picked up the weight to help her become better , healthier and see that the kids attends school too, I have been the one handling all the financial needs of her and the kids, I love her so much and would do anything to make her happy. I pay the rents and feeding and sponsoring her nursing school as we speak. All this so that she wouldnt have to live a wayward life due to pressure. The problem is that, she seem to attract men ( married ) every where she is, men who would always seek to have their ways with her ( though she's been rejecting their advances cos she love me and she wouldnt do such to hurt me ) but she seem to also make encouraging moves that attact them the more.

Some how jealous, I have tried to make her see reasons to correct her dress sence and relative ways arround men to avoid this moves but when ever i do this, she feels untrusted and we just argue bitterly. and I fear living her cos i love her. I feel that, knowing i am a jealous guy and do love her so much and wouldnt want her to be hurt, she would always use this to get to me. wen she offends me, she would always say words like " if u know you cant trust me then live me, or is it becos you are helping me? that she has suffered in the hands of a man before and now she would treat us well. This word stabs me in the heart cos i would never treat her as such and i have never complained on the help i render even if its hard somtimes on me. Ifeel she just dont love me, may be the money? but right now I feel like living her. but if I did, how would she cope? will she not fall victim to same men? would i not be a bad man to her kids? But i am been killed slowly emotionaly and its just not fun any more. she is sturbon and treats me just a like a Aristo- though profess to be all in for me too.

would'nt it matter that i did this despite all the sexual engagements we had. will it not look like i just wanted to have my way and bail? cos now I am afraid I may turn out to loose her in the end after having spent a fortune on her and her kids.
Should i still continue or close my eyes and live.

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