About your picture please do send them to me they are to kee...
About your picture please do send them to me they are to keep you fresh in my heart please don't deny me remember you told me you love me. You are emotional but in love with the love of your life. I live in Lagos if you live in Lagos too can we fix a date to meet i will love to hold your hands and assure you of my love and let you know that things will work out believe me.
Please get the Back Street Boys - I'll show you the shape of my heart, You're the one for me you are my ecstasy & I will never break your heart - I know you're hurting all I ask is let events unfold things will work out please don't give up on me and this love I felt strong for you like you do for me I repeat things will work out fine but we need time ok.

Now years back i come to understand that i was a fool all that time. Men, why are u so wicked towards women?! I was a big fool.

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