pl hlp a sister out,after having sex the sperm comes out of ...
pl hlp a sister out,after having sex the sperm comes out of the
my vigina y?

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Nigeria troops went for Gambia to enforce the rule of law which we don' t obey in Nigeria...
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I attended a burial of my friend' s grand father yesterday but their tradition is that, at every burial ceremony, an old man would come out and announce the next person to die, so this old man said the first person to leave the burial ground will be next to die... since yesterday we are still at the burial...
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Am so heartbroken this afternoon, I lost one of my side piece, she claimed a man wants to marry her, I just yimu and dobale for all of them, I know I will be here for she comes back, even though I am heart broken, Life goes on for now...
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I am 20years old, i need helps and advise on how to stop masturbating. I started masturbating when i was 15years of age back then in my secondary school after watching my first pornographic movie, as a young boy who did not know any thing about sex. i went back home to practice what i saw in the movie but i didnt know that i will get found of it to this extent. now i dont know how to stop it bcause it has become an habbit for me for the past 5years now so i need help...
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I am 23 years old and I am currently a college junior. I am having some serious thoughts. I am single and not really looking, but not really looking to stay single either. I have trouble keeping friends and maintaining relationships at all levels, from friendships to romantic relationships. I would consider myself an introvert because I enjoy a lot of time to myself. But, as of late, I have been feeling depressed. I would like to have a relationship with someone, but I am not sure how to go abou...
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My boyfriend is telling me that he wants a very small wedding of just close friends and family that we should just do the registry and come back home to have refreshments with just our friends and family. I' ve explained my feelings to him that it won' t be possible at all, because I want to invite my friends and it' s my big day, we only get married once, for 1 week now, he' s refused to speak to me and he is now telling me that we are different people and it' s best we just...
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I am a 21 year old college student who is in desperate need of advice. I am on a “break” with my boyfriend because our arguments began to become very heated and physical. About two weeks ago, he literally punched me in the face (mouth to be exact) whilst we were arguing. As I said, we have been together for a year, but a few months ago I started to feel tired of all the arguments and we would literally disagree on everything. I’ve tried to end it in the past, but he manipulates me every ti...
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My husband is a serious cheat, a liar, a pretender. He is a stingy and heartless man. I could stay for months without getting a dime from him just because i earn more than him , he doesn' t even give me money for feeding or for anything, yet he eats 3saqure meal everyday, I cloth him and do all sort of mrs nice for him may be he would change but rather he is becoming worst day by day. he borrows endlessly from me without paying. To crown it all now he is sex starving me and rejecting me on b...
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A friend of my asked for my advice on this: He wanted to marry a non tribe (He is a Yoruba guy) an Ikwerre girl but family pressure made him to marry a Yoruba girl he met on social media without knowing much about the girl. Now they are having issues as the true colour of the girl is revealed. 1. She does not have respect for his culture 2. No love again as they disagree on virtually everything 3. She lied about her age: she is 5 years older than him, lied about so many things that he is discove...
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So i have been with my bf for 3years now. Actually valentine day will make us 2years together. My bf hang with his friends everyday after work and all they do is drink and smoke. I have been warning him to quit if not i will leave him. He told me to give him time that he will stop but he keeps doing the same thing and he tells me he want us to start having babies and we are not yet married. Even though we love each, i am having doubt to settle down with him because of his behavior. Pls pals i ne...
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