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When I was younger me and my mother' s best friend' s daughter we would experiment with each other one time we were in the closet and I bent over she got behind me and she was like she was penetrating and I was so eager to act like I enjoyed it with her...
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plz help , How do I forget about my boyfriend , he is acting up and I think he is tired, he even told me dat he is tired of de relationship dat he is not enjoying it but when I call him, he always answer, I love him so much and I don' t know what to do, my heart is bleeding and it' s beating very fast, it' s just like I want to die, if I don' t hear from him in a day I can' t be able to stay, what will I do plz, tears drop...
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My fiance and i been together for 2years. He drinks and smoke i tried to make him stop but he doesn' t we fight sometimes because of that. He also wasnt there for me when i was pregnant for his first child he was not caring and used to disrespect me, he spent most of his time at friends llace only to come home late nights due to that i aborted the pregnancy at 4months because i was afraid to raise a child alone after raising my 3year old daughter whom i had by another man alone. He was very ...
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Please I' m planing to travel to Dubai for a job, i am a Nigerian but seriously in need of a candid advise on how to go about the whole thing. Wanted to start my Visa process and passport course I don' t have any, Please did any one have the idea how much will it curse me to get a DUBAI VISA. I' m talking about the 90 days visa and is it possible for someone to processed the visa over there in Dubai have it done then send it via Email. finally for how long will someone spend before g...
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my boyfriend is a broke ass nigga, am so tired of his condition, he is broke, no money, no job and he just lose his place he used to stay, he said to me dat all hope is lost dat he don' t know what to do anymore and he said he is tired of everything, even when I was with him, we suffered together and sometimes when he is angry when I went visit him, he used to taik nonsense dat when I am tired of bearing with him dat am free to leave and so on but I don' t know if it' s bcos of his c...
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Is it acceptable or fruitful to have another option aside your boyfriend? or girlfriend? Not a SideChick/ mistress but a PLATONIC / Non Sexual friend who you may see as a potential if your current significant other jumps ship or leaves you....
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Hi Friends! I Have Something I Want To Tell You That Happened To Me Recently. Please Dont Tell Any Body. I Started Playing NairaBet Today....
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I am a working class lady, I shed tears almost everyday, sometimes I question God for making me to come across the man I got married to on the 05th December 2015. It's a pity that an illiterate will always be an illiterate. The lies he lied to me a week before our marriage keep occurring in my mind that whenever it crosses my mind it makes me to go wild on him. My marriage hasn't be smooth as expected. As whenever I remembered my husband is not a graduate as I am, it pains me down to m...
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I' m 40 years old. I came back from NY where I live for my traditional wedding in Imo state. I' ve been engaged to my girl for one year and everything is set for our wedding in 2 weeks. Through this one year, we' ve had time to prepare for everything. I' ve spent quite a bit of money as she demanded to make her happy. My family has also completed all traditional rights - just traditional wedding remaining. I' m now stunned with a news from her that she has a 10 year old son. ...
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Today, I went for a program. I met an old acquaintance whom I had not seen for over 10 years. He looked more handsome than I remembered, I tripped instantly. We got talking briefly and I got the feeling he looked me too. I made up my mind that if he did not ask me for my number, I would find a way to get his. But as fate would have it, I wasn' t bold enough to ask. Later this night, I decided to check him up on Facebook and I got a big shocker. He was married...with a kid!!!...
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