I and this guy have bin friends for over 2yrs,though d frien...
I and this guy have bin friends for over 2yrs,though d friendship gets confusing atimes cos sumtimes he acts nd talks indirectly like he wants to take d friendship to another level and at other times he acts and behave other wise but we have never crossed that line until last month.I visited him,we sat closely seeing a movie(not a romantic movie)we do that often,then he made a move to kiss me,I didn't pull away,we kissed passionate but we didn't get to sex,cos we both know sex is a NO NO till marriage,the thing is this same kissing stuff has happened two times since after then and after each time,he still talks to me like a friend,I mean notin between us has changed.Am not 1 dat kiss 4 fun yet I can't ask him out and I don't want it to seem like I want to force him into any kinda relationship cos we kissed a couple of times but our relationship as it is now isn't defined and I don't want any future misunderstandings.Plz pals what shuld I do?
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