*Don't force kids to pray for the family* <br /> A Litt...
*Don't force kids to pray for the family*
A Little Boy in a family Was Ordered To Pray before they could go to sleep for the Night!
Boy: I Don't Know How To Pray.....!
Dad: Just Pray For Every Thing You Know about The Family And Our Neighbours.
Boy: Mummy, Please, Tell Daddy I Can't Pray!
Mummy:: Shut Up, If You Don't Pray You'll Not Eat Food In this House!
Boy: Dad, Tell Sister To Pray Please...!
Dad: My son, Pray Before I Slap You Hard Now!
Boy: "Dear Lord....." He Started.....!
"Thank You Oh God For Our Visitors And Their Children Who always Come Here To Eat Our Food, Don't Let Them Finish All Our Food for we shall be Hungry! From Today Father, Any Boy Who Beats Or Slaps Me In School, Help Me To Slap Them Back!
Forgive Our Driver Who I Always See Naked With My Sister Wrestling On The Bed! Help my sister to fight back before the driver can make her grow round! Forgive my elder brother who doesn't sleep at home regularly!
Please, Provide Clothes To All The Naked Ladies On My Daddy's
Phone and don't let them drain my father's salary! Give my Daddy courage to buy for us good things as he always do to Aunty our house girl! Again Lord Don't Let Our House Girl Put Her Mouth Inside My Daddy's Mouth Again!
Please, Provide Shelter For All The Men Who Sleep In Mum's Room Anytime Dad Travels. Forgive me wherever I have asked wrongly!
In Jesus Name I pray.....!"

Nobody said AMEN!!

Every Body Regretted Ever Forcing Him To Pray...

Don't Laugh Alone but with me..

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