Good morning my brothers & sisters, <br /> <br /> Please I ...
Good morning my brothers & sisters,

Please I know my write up is very lengthy, please help me to take your time to go thru it as I am depressed. God bless u.

I & my husband has been traditionally & legally married for 3 years now, and we have been hoping on God for the fruit of the womb.

However, my issue goes like this. My hubby has been out of job for the past two years and few months, doing this period, I have been the one managing the affair of the house irrespective of my family that also depend on me.

During this period, we quarrel a lot because whenever I give him ideas on what I think can fetch him money, he will feel relax and ignore my ideas to the extent that oneday I have to voice out my mind to him rudely, which I still went back to kneel down beg to him. I beg him severally because I am a free minded person.

There was a day my pastor told him to send his CV, my hubby refused to send it. I have to plead with my hubby to send the CV which he eventually said I should send it myself and he still didn’t follow up the CV sent.

I also advise him to further his education, because he is not a graduate (but he is very sound), he pick up a quarrel with me regarding that.

I ensure there is food at home and sometimes when I have enough fund, I do send money to his account so that he can get something for himself, many things I can’t recur.

1st week of December 2018, I took him to a prayer house, they saw vision that my hubby is a great person and that someone is blocking him. The pastor anoint & pray for him.

4th week of December 2018, my hubby got a call for a construction job in Ogun state which he traveled on the 28th Dec. 2018 and uptill now my hubby is not back home.

He picks my calls whenever he feels like, he read my chart sometimes without response. I can barely say since he travelled, we haven’t spoken for like 3 to 4 times.

I keep asking him in what way have I wronged him and even apologies for what I know nothing about. He keeps sending chart to me that is my attitude. I responded to him that for the past 2 years and few months u have been out of job and is not that he has gotten a job that my attitude has suddenly changed.

I have been begging him and even asked him severally if I should visit where he is, he refused.

My family are aware of what is happening and I have communicated with his family too about this, it seems they are not taking it serious.

Kindly advise me on steps I need to take, I am getting tried. I will be 30years in May 2019.

Please don’t mind my grammar above, I am in pains.

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