So I’m going to keep this short. My boyfriend and I have b...
So I’m going to keep this short. My boyfriend and I have been dating for almost four years mostly long distance but today he’s breaking us up. The reason is that I went to a party 2 nights ago and I grinded a couple of guys and didn’t tell him. The next day I tried talking to him and telling him about it but he gave me attitude throughout the day. In the night which was last night I called him to talk to him since we hadn’t talked throughout that day. And I even said oh I wanted to gist you about yesterday sef but his dad called him so he ended our call.
This afternoon we were talking then he’s like is there anything I want to tell him and I told him something but didn’t tell him the grinding stuff cause I didn’t feel it was right to tell him then. Sha after a while, I eventually told him. So he said that this is the end of our relationship. Because his friends already told him and this isn’t the first time his friends would tell him things about me and he’d keep quiet about it and when I eventually tell him he’ll be like he already knows.
Pls how do I get him back? I’ve put my all in this relationship and I was looking forward to spending more time with him during this holiday after this semester.


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