I met this man and we got married 2013.. it was from fire to...
I met this man and we got married 2013.. it was from fire to fire. Meanwhile he was living with 3 of his siblings before he married me. I came in and loved all of them and tolerated all their excesses. I took them as my own younger siblings, but they just hated me for nothing , the more I tried to impress them, the more they found reason for their actions, they hated me cos their mum hated me, It was only their first son and my Ex’s immediate younger brother that was there for me but they couldn’t help because the parents felt they don’t benefit from those ones cos they aren’t financially stable. His younger siblings living with us made life hell for me there.. most of time the parents wuld plot their daughter who was one of the people in the house to fight me.. They could call every minutes to ask them if I had given them food..and if I used to bring food for them to the shop. They couldn’t place any reasonable reason for their wickedness on me. All I could hear the mum say was that I came to reap where I didn’t sow ( Not dat my ex is a rich man o, he was just there I could say), And dat I came to scatter their family.. Meanwhile the family had been on fight among themselves even before they married me (I wasn’t aware till I came in ) . The parent never allowed me have a taste of good marriage cos they were in control of my ex’s actions against me. Any small thing fiiaam he wuld call either his mum or dad to complain to them. A prophetess who prophesied to him to go ahead and marry me that I’m a gud girl and all that , later turned against me and started giving them fake prophecies that they should send me away that I came to destroy and scatter their home.. she prophesied that I’m ogbanje (this was same woman dat told him to go ahead with me initially)All the bad prophecies against me from the so called prophetess made my ex to also found no joy in me.. He wuld come from the woman’s ministry and began to sprinkle olive oil and water everywhere even under the bed. This whole thing continued.. The prophetess turned against me because I stopped following my ex to her ministry , my reason was dat I noticed she was aggravating to my issues cos each time I complain my reason was dat I noticed she was aggravating to my issues cos each time I complain to her about my plight with my ex,, she wuld sound nice to me saying Men will never appreciate a good woman till they loose her...Same time she wuld go to my ex and say worse about me to him. I was always in tears there.. He frustrated the hell out of me. A day came , I got a call from home that my dad collapsed, and gave up while he was been rushed to the hospital .. Then I was pregnant , even the pregnancy didn’t touch their heart to be a bit compassionate on me, neither did my dad’s demise melted their hearts.. I saw hell in their hands. One fateful day like dat.. they ganged up against me in the house, dat made their sis to look for a way to fight me and I was pregnant... this girl had run away from the house o. I called her on the fone a lot of times crying n begging her to come back , but she refused. I cried to dis girl on fone, she wuld pick and wouldn’t say a word. I was 8months preggy then.. that was wen my ex started scolding me, thereby hitting me that I’ve sent his only sis away, that my plan has worked, i pleaded with him and he was busy threatening dat if anything shuld happen to the girl, that he wuld kill me. I had to go out to look for this girl , on my way I fainted n started bleeding. Ppl around rushed me to hospital where they revived me with oxygen.
When I put to bed. His mother came n started with her own physical maltreatment.. My mum couldn’t come for omugwo cos she was mourning her hubby then. I pleaded my ex for my oldest sis (Adannem)to come but the mother refused that she’d be the one to come. She came and gave me the real definition of hatred . I never had rest . I’d cry every night. Even at that I tried my best to show her love. Bought things for her..

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