Merry xmas honey

Dec. 26th 10:05 AM 2013
and prosperous new yr!!

merry xmas

Dec. 25th 11:02 PM 2013
Hope u had fun


Dec. 25th 05:13 AM 2013
Merry Christmas Dear

thanks Sweet

Dec. 25th 05:09 AM 2013
Thanks for the wishes and God bless you. Merry Chrismas

angel of my life

Dec. 22nd 12:42 PM 2013
words can't described Hw much u love and Cherished u.... .u mean everything to me

Baby, na so I see am o

Dec. 20th 10:43 AM 2013
But God pass them sha. How u dey?


Dec. 20th 05:08 AM 2013
na true i talk na lols..fakers are much around here..dem go use their numerous profile dey check me out cos dem no say i no like them lols.
how u dey ore mi?


Dec. 16th 07:06 AM 2013
U neva c u.

nne oma

Dec. 15th 04:51 AM 2013
no ves jaree! this whole place tire me wit too much fake life na himmake i respect myself for now,the insults,the jealousness...if one likes ur comment them go kill am come insult ontop..hia mbanu..i too big for all that na,so i decided to face other side..i hv got mails from friends here and i even tire to reply ves dear i go call u joor..when be the intro???


Dec. 12th 11:55 PM 2013
Thanks so much boo...