I don come o

Apr. 18th 02:05 PM 2014
I want Good Friday rice biko...........how u dey?

wetin man go do?

Apr. 18th 11:11 AM 2014
Man gast find wey to cope with the condition na


Apr. 17th 09:02 AM 2014
Help me ask dem

place where people still leave naked

Apr. 11th 01:25 AM 2014
Naked places ?
I know many


Apr. 10th 01:35 PM 2014
I missed U like crazy


Apr. 10th 01:35 PM 2014
I missed like crazy

onye nkem

Apr. 3rd 04:20 PM 2014
my love.....i just came in and i know i hve to check on u......called u nd u ddnt pick....v missed u like crazy....bawoni ife mi?

ba wo ni

Mar. 30th 06:30 AM 2014

thanks dear...

Mar. 23rd 11:40 PM 2014
d jollof dey here wit me 4 zara...*winks*

thanks dear

Mar. 16th 03:02 PM 2014
For the BD wish