Dec. 2nd 03:30 PM 2013
Tnx cheri. I go send u ur cake on ur gprs and wifi

Dearest oyin

Nov. 28th 04:25 PM 2013
How has been life wit u, hope u are doin great.

my sister

Nov. 27th 08:32 PM 2013
Na d sure way b that o. Hope ur day wz smooth

If I talk it now

Nov. 27th 02:35 PM 2013
kasala will burst for u dey sweetie.....where is Lora? tell her to report here.....lolz

I can take a guess

Nov. 25th 04:22 PM 2013
..*wink* *wink*


Nov. 25th 04:01 PM 2013
hectic weekend for me..but am fine.........I believe u are cool too


Nov. 24th 03:59 PM 2013
hw is ur weeknd going


Nov. 24th 11:29 AM 2013
Am my name,active in every platform of live loves women so much but never confront any woman I love to be many ladies boyfriend but when I remember what my pastors told me about under-age sex,love and marriage I bliv now am old enough to find my love I see in u can you give me just a trial and see that I'll never disappoint you.


Nov. 23rd 12:12 PM 2013
yeye..........For dat, I no go wake u choir practice for u today

police no fit help you

Nov. 23rd 11:30 AM 2013
make u just call police station join am sharp this door now or.........