Knock! knock!!

Nov. 23rd 11:10 AM 2013
open this door or I break it down........dont dare me oo


Nov. 23rd 10:56 AM 2013
I don come finish......just wait for me.....*calling okada*

yep yep

Nov. 23rd 10:37 AM 2013
How ur side kwa?

For Me

Nov. 22nd 12:36 PM 2013
It is Video Games dat Solve it :)

dat one no be problem.....lolz

Nov. 22nd 12:22 PM 2013
how u dey sweetie?


Nov. 22nd 11:55 AM 2013
No wahala..........get ready, I go host you....lolz


Nov. 21st 05:34 PM 2013
mama aluwe like you........lolz

Thank God oo

Nov. 21st 05:28 PM 2013
*azonto plus etighi things*

I dey oo

Nov. 21st 05:18 PM 2013
Na work oo.......ember months dey always dey ur side? hope say all correct

pls do

Nov. 19th 01:28 PM 2013
Pls show us the way