My dear i am fine thanks

Mar. 16th 06:55 AM 2014
how go dey go na?

my dear, man must live o..

Mar. 14th 01:37 PM 2014
Dat is d order of the day.

Genesis 3:16-19

Mar. 11th 06:58 AM 2014
It is the curse of God upon man for disobedience. God who made the law has appended certain penal consequences to the breaking of it; and the man who violates the law becomes at once the subject of the wrath of the Lawgiver. Hence when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they were cursed! But the death of Jesus on the cross of Calvary has redeemed us from this curse. God is a kind, merciful and a loving Father and His grace is sufficient for us. There is still Judgement ahead of us. And the reward for sinner and the righteous: Heaven and Hell. God is not a man that He should lie


Mar. 8th 07:41 PM 2014
Lol...on ur bluetooth

*Collects Ur fone, removes SIM, breaks it*

Mar. 8th 03:17 PM 2014
Make I come see as you go take call am. you no kuku get him number for head


Mar. 8th 10:54 AM 2014
your head dey comot plenty smoke.......yeyerity sombori

am good o

Mar. 8th 10:15 AM 2014
how u dey? Happy weekend.....any better for ur side?


Mar. 8th 10:15 AM 2014
U wan break my leg?......throw me from window?

dot dot

Mar. 7th 03:08 PM 2014
Phew! Tried! *Takes a rest*


Mar. 6th 11:06 AM 2014
sure my dear