Hi dear

May. 31st 03:23 PM 2014
Its been a while, how are u doing. tanks for d bday msg i just saw it today. God bless u.


May. 23rd 10:11 PM 2014
it been a while..hope all is fine sha.. just checking on you...stay bless and enjoy your weekend with love

welcme dear

May. 9th 11:12 PM 2014
Se o wapa sha?

I kinda agree with sapientia

May. 7th 01:12 PM 2014
Have u read "The Gift" by Danielle Steel? Some people just can't be forgotten!


May. 4th 09:55 PM 2014
it depends, as 4 me I cant 4get my frnd Kevin who sacrifice himself to be expel from school in place of me but today we are no more friends but still I cant 4get him.


May. 4th 09:21 PM 2014
Its cool your philosophy and ideology.

Hi dear!

Apr. 25th 12:58 PM 2014
How are you doing. i believe you are fine. your pix also confirmed it, have a nice day also stay away from trouble


Apr. 22nd 02:33 PM 2014
u will look at life as a race,just depend on how u rurn it.

tell them

Apr. 19th 11:35 AM 2014
its the greatest sin someone can ever commit in this life


Apr. 18th 11:11 PM 2014
How d brk