long time

Feb. 15th 09:35 AM 2010
how a u doing?


Feb. 12th 06:51 PM 2010
Hope you dey campe. no shaking gel!

Happy valentine

Feb. 12th 06:25 AM 2010
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any new

Feb. 11th 08:11 PM 2010
give me a glims of hw ur val is going 2 luk like

Uh yea

Feb. 10th 03:20 PM 2010
bin in schoo fo awhile now.Its juss that it happnd today its not gonna be schoo cuz its snowing close to 12inches.damn howabtya?

Damn tHaz my

Feb. 10th 03:04 PM 2010
sis right here.im okk Onyin and you


Feb. 9th 03:27 PM 2010
howz it goin cutie 1?


Feb. 6th 11:58 PM 2010
Tanks 4 d add,
Hav a lovly wekend


Feb. 3rd 09:23 PM 2010
Am good and u?


Feb. 3rd 01:55 AM 2010