Nov. 19th 04:08 PM 2018
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runaway pal

Mar. 21st 02:06 PM 2013
still missing u sha


Jan. 22nd 03:03 PM 2013
where have u been sweet friend?........checked on u, hope u are cool

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Jan. 7th 02:45 PM 2013
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Oyinye Longtime Hope you Good? Happy Birthday In Advance

Sep. 1st 09:41 AM 2012


Jan. 14th 09:00 PM 2011
For real? Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Hope it was a great Holidays for you my White Fairy?


Jan. 14th 08:27 PM 2011
Day u will wish to surprise me.., please no Chicken n Chips.., I am loving Roasted Plaintain and Groundnut more betterSo take note

Happy New Year Onyinyechukwu

Jan. 2nd 04:35 PM 2011
Am Doing Great My Dear And Wishing You The Same. And The Best Of Luck In This 2011. Always Take care

My Belle My Head/Microphone Magician.

Dec. 30th 03:20 PM 2010
lol yes ooo my belle oo my head oo.I Appreciate you my dear. Happy Holidays too. Take care Nwanne'm.


Dec. 4th 01:12 AM 2010
Get ur mind off what? Hope no worries troubling ur mind? Happy weekend