hi onyin

Nov. 21st 01:42 PM 2009
its bin long.....ows ur day bin


Nov. 11th 11:37 PM 2009
long time oo! Just passing to show some love. Ciao!

Nnem long time no see or hear, how are u doin?

Nov. 8th 12:30 PM 2009
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Hello Onyin.

Nov. 6th 02:40 PM 2009
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Hav a wonderful day dear Onyin.

Nov. 1st 09:27 PM 2009
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Nov. 1st 06:03 AM 2009
how u doing just to say hi

As the DEER!

Oct. 30th 02:53 PM 2009
how are u doing? hope u are taking care of ur pals?

@ status

Oct. 19th 06:56 PM 2009
thank God i m not fake, how re u doing, i dey miss u ooooooo

droppin by

Oct. 17th 01:43 AM 2009


Oct. 16th 01:07 PM 2009
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