gud 1

Jun. 21st 11:25 PM 2010
i like ur out-luk


Jun. 12th 12:41 AM 2010
cool and nice add i love it oh,how are u doing,hope u are great,
may this weekend be fruthfull 2 u ok

l'm fine l'm fine

Jun. 8th 06:24 PM 2010
Oya Keep the Love well

Wait ooo

Jun. 8th 05:53 PM 2010
The Love dey Come :p

Ada Nne!

Jun. 3rd 12:23 PM 2010
Been long time and hope u are doin ok?


May. 16th 06:40 PM 2010
Great to here of that confession.., I would have told them of it If only i knew them

hi oyin

May. 1st 08:34 PM 2010
we neva rap b4 hwz ur weekend goin


Apr. 29th 02:39 PM 2010
I will try to tell him Nwanyi Ocha

hello baby

Mar. 30th 11:07 AM 2010
i d think about u every day by day, so whats up.


Mar. 26th 01:33 AM 2010
'been a while miss,...hop u'r doin good...hav a lovly weekend