Aug. 19th 09:06 AM 2010

More Dropping By Comments


Jul. 30th 02:09 PM 2010
My Concubine wan Marry now? :))

Oyin baby

Jul. 26th 12:21 AM 2010
u dont say nothing to B no more.How u holdin nywazz?

hi linda

Jul. 5th 11:15 AM 2010
how was ur nit? peace


Jul. 5th 10:38 AM 2010
Please don't stop.., U can believe How many souls u are HEALING with that


Jul. 3rd 10:10 AM 2010
Once you know what is good for you, you wouldn't want to stop

Sup baby girl?

Jul. 2nd 11:39 PM 2010

@Profile Pix

Jun. 29th 02:22 PM 2010

Go ghna yeah

Jun. 27th 01:11 AM 2010
What happened to GGGGGOOoo nigeria

blame nfa

Jun. 22nd 10:55 PM 2010
i w'll nt blame d coach nor players bt blame NFA.amodu should av be given d chance instand of wastin our time n money.i think it a lesson 4 us. may d lord help us