hey dear

Sep. 23rd 10:14 AM 2010
I had a friend with your last name in high school king's college, but i dont think u guys are relatives cux he's not so cute.How u?


Sep. 21st 12:56 PM 2010
happy tuesday


Sep. 21st 09:13 AM 2010
Time's no test. Explain why it's a test.


Sep. 19th 12:32 PM 2010
you will surely get what you want, just keep the faith


Sep. 18th 09:10 PM 2010
oh i missed ur birthday..... sorry about that.... how is ur day doing?

O Oooooooooo almost forgot!

Sep. 10th 03:23 PM 2010
I like your "About me" writings! come write mine for me.

he hey!

Sep. 10th 03:19 PM 2010
U got nice pictures. I have been looking with smiles on ma face! lucky guy! stay safe.

Happy Birthday Sweetie

Sep. 3rd 10:10 PM 2010
Wish yu Lots of Fun and Love

happy birthday

Aug. 31st 04:29 PM 2010

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Comments


Aug. 30th 11:49 AM 2010