I dey gidigba o nkem

Dec. 20th 10:56 AM 2013
Thank Jah

Really Sweetie? Dem MAD?

Dec. 19th 07:55 PM 2013
People can be dangerous Ooo


Dec. 17th 03:01 PM 2013
Dem crazy na

Stori @Status

Dec. 13th 10:25 PM 2013
Real Love is Never that Patient. It is a Man dat Lusts dat'll Do Anything to Get yu


Dec. 13th 02:49 PM 2013
Hahahahahaha. Forget! They Will Never Know! :)


Dec. 12th 02:40 PM 2013
I Be nah

Less Dan 4 hours journey by car

Dec. 12th 12:01 PM 2013
Nor worry,Oyin dey gidigba for you.but u will take me to father xmas oo

My Chocolate Candy

Dec. 12th 11:48 AM 2013
How u dey?u nor miss me ni?

Nne i see u ooo

Dec. 1st 04:55 AM 2013
How u dey na?its been long!
Enjoy ur wkend!


Nov. 27th 09:16 PM 2013
Dis ya jolly jolly spotless face sha,..no single hardship dey inside am. Small tym now, yo go lament say na God dey do am hahahaha.