May. 25th 11:53 PM 2015
You get fuel?

Ojuelegbe by Wizkid

Mar. 10th 03:33 PM 2015
Heard that song is pretty popular

i was here

Mar. 6th 03:16 PM 2015


Feb. 24th 05:38 AM 2015
Thanks Divine. how are you?

True talk

Feb. 23rd 12:36 PM 2015
Experience is best teacher, we hv experienced Buhari as President and Goodluck as President too,
from the experience I had from them and their talks and characters now,
I think GEJ is the better person to be there,
everything about Buhari is war war war! his comments are threat to country people, he should go and rest, he is too old for 9ja


Feb. 20th 12:43 PM 2015
When You’ve Being Away For Tooo Much Too Long How Do You Say Hello Mum? Need Your Advice Mum

Oh yea!

Feb. 18th 11:20 AM 2015
God will answer our prayers


Feb. 13th 02:45 PM 2015
Longest time indeed..


Feb. 12th 06:00 PM 2015
na reset i reset the password jare...but this your profile song is don tey oo, you wan use am set guiness record?

Hey Dp

Feb. 12th 12:55 AM 2015
Compliments of the are u doing?