Feb. 2nd 10:28 PM 2015
.... I'm sorry....but ehmmm.....when last did you count his cows?

thank God

Jan. 22nd 04:46 PM 2015
I just say make i visit NP..everywhere just quiet like say BOKO people don reach here

am okay

Jan. 22nd 12:51 PM 2015
Whats been happening??

Aunty DPPP

Jan. 22nd 07:45 AM 2015
Longest timeeeeeee!!!!!!Happyy new have you been??

#tongue out#

Jan. 8th 02:05 PM 2015

nne i dey oo

Dec. 21st 06:43 AM 2014
Compliments jaree, u know na how area dey..i just dey tire to pass by..but its aiit,how ur side?ona agakwa?

Compliments of the Season

Dec. 19th 08:15 PM 2014
... to you too. How've you been?

Go siddan on Potopoto

Nov. 12th 12:20 PM 2014
#tongue out#

#Straight face# u fink i dey happy with u?

Nov. 11th 06:11 AM 2014
damn it!


Aug. 13th 05:20 PM 2014
ar highlywelcome sis.