No sekpe and fried cobra snake?

Nov. 8th 12:00 PM 2013
Copcorn and malt?who go chop that one?

Oh I C lols

Nov. 8th 11:50 AM 2013
Can i have chilled palmwine there?wanna keep my chair beside u and watch too

Sweet Kidney Mi,

Nov. 8th 11:31 AM 2013
Your face scares ooo are u fine?or u feel like telling me something?

My wonderful hrtrob

Nov. 1st 06:25 AM 2013
Happy new month dear
Welcome to our month of prosperity

e don tey wey i pass here oo

Oct. 30th 07:56 PM 2013
apparently i never too late cos na asa dey sing wen i pass here last, and na d same asa still dey sing...

i bounce


Oct. 26th 01:21 PM 2013
Are u soo busy this days?

Abi oo

Oct. 22nd 06:08 PM 2013
Its well

Naaah! Divineproject is not Funny naa

Oct. 22nd 12:03 PM 2013
It's a Great Name

hahah I tell u,u be my Bigshow naa

Oct. 19th 12:47 PM 2013
Dem no fit anymore

My Sugarcane! *Ogbayi* lolz

Oct. 19th 12:42 PM 2013
Guess u have a beautiful night