hi hon

Oct. 16th 04:38 PM 2013
how u dey na?all these monsters around dey make me feel weak passin here again. i hope u good?

Thanks alot dear

Oct. 15th 03:22 PM 2013
I appreciate

Dear,are you there?

Oct. 15th 01:00 PM 2013
Want to tell you something.
Precisely,on your inbox.

Yes, who dey Knock?

Oct. 14th 07:50 PM 2013
Who dey Find Who Dey House?


Oct. 10th 03:48 PM 2013

Who Cares!

Oct. 10th 03:30 PM 2013
*Tongue out*

but come to think of it

Oct. 8th 07:04 PM 2013
U mean u jokingly insulted me or u serious?
Calling my dear brother?
Telling me my head dey bring out smoke?
Just bcoz I jokingly sending my warm greetings?
Which u refused to check on me as usual?
Have I offended u in anyway?
Shuoo! I get hot tempered Ooo and I always respect myself that's y u can't see me talking anyhow to anybody unless those I know am used to
So,if my joke hit u then,
Never to joke anymore with U!!

Yes! my brother naa

Oct. 8th 06:25 PM 2013
Brother Kunle
Abi u wan denie ni?

Where is this pregnant woman?

Oct. 8th 03:38 PM 2013
Anti natal don reach?


Sep. 26th 10:19 AM 2013
i no dey do chineke fight, but if u start am.,.. i go fight am..