Baby Mi,

Feb. 1st 07:02 AM 2014
Happy New month dear


Jan. 25th 05:45 PM 2014
Time ohhhh...happy new year sis...hope you are great

My sweet Kidney,am doing fine

Jan. 24th 10:10 PM 2014

Copy [email protected] lols

Jan. 24th 05:34 AM 2014
How are u doing?missed you plenty o


Jan. 16th 10:30 AM 2014
Am fine and you i hope all is well please try to tell me who you are name is kenny

4 ur mind,I fat 4 Bombom $ breast na

Jan. 14th 05:44 PM 2014
Make I show you

My real Obianjunwa lols

Jan. 13th 10:26 PM 2014
Nor beat me pls lols guess I got it?
Well,just missed you on here sha
Guess you cool?
Holiday tomorrow
*dancing* am coming to Lag to disturb you a little then back to kwara.
Do u want that?and one more thing,I dey Chop gan Oo

Na wa o!

Jan. 13th 08:11 AM 2014
I had already arrange and paid my boys to come to your rescue until, someone whispers to me from a reliable source that you went to villa to #jollificate. So, where are my New Year gift you brought from oversea, huh??


Jan. 4th 12:33 AM 2014

Xmas things on point

Dec. 25th 08:14 AM 2013
Christmas is the best Holiday in the world