Hello Prety

Nov. 28th 09:13 PM 2010
How much honey is left in this chick?

You're Good!

Nov. 28th 12:13 AM 2010
Wise girl!, wana know more about you.


Nov. 27th 11:10 AM 2010
i still have d flowers in their pot...

yes oh

Nov. 26th 02:59 PM 2010
we gat to wise up so both finacially nd sexualy lol...

yes madam

Nov. 26th 10:02 AM 2010
how are u doing?i no want enter ur trouble oooo so i have to check in.

Hello Prety

Nov. 25th 09:53 PM 2010
How are you doing?


Nov. 25th 07:11 PM 2010
its been ages dear, u frighten me, thot u wudn't reply to any of my comments, u know our friendship has lasted 2 years, ur one of the few pals ve known so pls don't do the disappearin act on me galfriend....... so how are u doin, hope uk, do take care!


Nov. 22nd 09:09 AM 2010
4 dat i gonna giv u a call so we can talk on dat.... Staycool and hv a blessed new week with much luv

my luv

Nov. 21st 07:47 PM 2010
It is well down here,just dat am missing u 4 real


Nov. 21st 04:54 PM 2010
Philo is good. I spoke with her on Friday. I'll tell you you send greetings. How are you?