Hi HoneyChick.

Feb. 27th 05:48 AM 2011
Thanks for being my pal, you are a beautiful baby, wish i was close by. ??? ---!!. take good care of yourself.


Feb. 21st 08:06 PM 2011
Hw ar u doing, gul.

My honey

Feb. 17th 03:05 AM 2011
U knw hw far now....if nt for ya then who else ..lol...,am gud dear...and you?? really long time bb..wats goin on??


Feb. 10th 11:46 PM 2011
am fyn jst dat u dont com online always so hw can i find u on fb?

l know she told him

Feb. 10th 01:00 PM 2011
She Told me Everything... My Status is just another way of saying she should Come back... l'm Doin fine, hope yu are too


Feb. 9th 05:48 PM 2011
Yeah... And she Can do it Thru her other Profile(s) too :)

My Honey

Feb. 9th 05:01 PM 2011
I mean She Left NP, asked dem 2 Deactivate her Account... Already Missing her around here :(

hw far

Feb. 9th 01:48 AM 2011
abi you self don travel too?

Wats up

Feb. 5th 11:40 PM 2011
Hw are u.am tega and u


Feb. 5th 12:21 PM 2011
thanks, so I will be expecting your mail thanks