Nov. 15th 01:35 PM 2010
mine wasn't bad after all, though i am having a little fever! I'll be fine.

hey dear!

Nov. 15th 11:17 AM 2010
No, i am not running away from anyone. How was your weekend ?


Nov. 15th 08:51 AM 2010
for being my friend


Nov. 14th 12:46 PM 2010
He never told me he is a layer! Sorry lawyer!

ask your lawyer?

Nov. 13th 09:55 PM 2010
I don't even know him!


Nov. 13th 09:22 AM 2010
Unknown what?

Ayam fine ooo

Nov. 12th 12:47 PM 2010
If na my great-grandpa.. thats how he tell you nothing much.. hehehe.. whats good??


Nov. 10th 03:06 PM 2010
so whr u frm


Nov. 10th 02:48 AM 2010
Honey baby nwa*wink*...*smiles* am jst good 2 d core ...nd ya?? Nne ..not so eazy its all gud..tnx 4 chckn on me though? and wts good @ ya end?? enjoyment abi??


Nov. 9th 10:06 PM 2010
Am trying to honeychicks ,so how you doin today.