Dec. 4th 02:25 PM 2010


Dec. 4th 09:37 AM 2010
even if i forgot to take my break fast believe me i won't forget to stop by
your door to say have a wonderful weekend.
i cherish you
friends forever

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please watch this and keep those beautiful smiles of yours going, because i can see you are already smiling
lots of love

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hw far

Dec. 3rd 09:39 AM 2010
your not going to do wat ? am fyn

Why Kuwait?

Dec. 3rd 09:37 AM 2010
How you know your unborn child is there, could it not be in my country or sonewhere else we will be?


Dec. 1st 09:08 PM 2010
Kuwait? Choose another destination abeg!


Dec. 1st 04:31 PM 2010

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Dec. 1st 11:05 AM 2010
but there are some things unusual,do u av 2do them bcoz u want 2get some thing u never had?

you fink so !

Dec. 1st 08:57 AM 2010
well if you say so i wanted to how possible it would be for me to get your cell number you know as frends we are or aint we? lol......and as of the fight i just wnted to see if my winning techniques are still intact well i wish you Goodluck ebele azikiwe jonatan lol.....cheers...

i don' t really know how to show my appreciation

Nov. 30th 11:20 AM 2010
but please this is the reading of my heart

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Nov. 29th 10:14 AM 2010
bad girl