Jan. 14th 10:18 AM 2011
hapi new year!!! gone to skul yet?


Jan. 13th 10:32 PM 2011
same 2 u 2 n how u doin


Jan. 11th 11:33 AM 2011
hi, honey hw ar u?


Jan. 10th 04:13 PM 2011
dear, hope ur ok, take care!


Jan. 9th 04:57 PM 2011
you re always welcome, pretty lady


Jan. 6th 10:48 PM 2011
happy new year , darling!


Jan. 6th 05:10 PM 2011

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Dec. 31st 11:33 AM 2010

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Dec. 5th 09:29 AM 2010
i no fit tell them.i`ll inbox u d names but wont display it here.


Dec. 4th 03:05 PM 2010
Blue Without You...

My red heart is blue,
because I'm missing you.
Every day, I think about you,
and I imagine how great
every hour,
every minute,
and every second would be
if you were here with me.
Every night, when I lie in bed,
I dream that you're beside me,
holding me close to you.
If you were, I'd whisper in your ear,
how much I love you.
Since you came into my life
nothing has been the same.
I've experienced love to its fullest,
and I've tasted a beauty that never ends,
because you're where my happiness begins.
I'm incomplete without you, and
I'll never stop loving you.
You're the world to me,
in brilliant colors.
You're my best friend,
a favorite song that will never end.
And together is where we should be.
Someday soon, I pray,
that you'll walk through the door
and take this heartache away.