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Am a beautiful young girl of 25yrs, a graduate based in port...
Am a beautiful young girl of 25yrs, a graduate based in port harcourt but i have one ish that's to find love. I find it hard to fall in love, I dot know why is like this but maybe cos of my past experience, my ex guy whom i loved very much and was always there for him both financially Α̲̅πϑ other things. He doesn't have a job, but i was faithful to him, will do anything for him. At long last he betrayed me just like that Α̲̅πϑ we broke up. Ever since then i just can't love, pls friends help me out here. What do i need to do? Thanks

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i met at the club(uturu cave),we danced,then we became frnds,later we startd dating,the next year,i saw ha wit another guy sexing her in her own room,and i askd her why?she said,you re nt the sex type.what can i do?...
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My gal wudn't allow me 2 make luv 2 her. We kissed lyk we gonna eat ourselves, we were all over each other moanin but she'll neva allow. She left me sex starved n said i shld help myself. Dis has bn goin on for 8mnths n i am fustrated. Pls, advice...
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Pls av bin datin dis gal 4 da past 2yrs..dere comes a day I snap ha naked pics en 1 of mai frend saw d pics en mai frend told mai girl...later dey take d opportunity of datin each oda wit da naked pics....pls mai question is who is @ fault between d 3 of us?pls ur insult is highly welcome u wil meet me dere...
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am in trouble...i fell drunk few month ago...wen i get home...i dnt no were 2 sleep,i just slept at d siting rum....my uncle wife heard my voice...and wen she came towards me i tot she was my gell friend...bcox am already drunk....i cant control my self bcox she was wit her nite gown...b4 i no wox going on...i grab her and catch folly fun with...her........in d following morning i beg her dat such tin wnt apun again.....but 2/half month after i discover she was pregnant....and my uncle is in tra...
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pls i need ur advice, my guy dont seem to be calling me frequently i dont why?...
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pls i need ur advice,my husband and i come from Nigeria to Malaysia,things are hard no food to eat some times we collect money from Nigeria to eat,in these hardship i get pregnant,to cut the story shot,a months and some week for me to deliver my husband run away,it was a bad day,i started struggling till i deliver after live 2month he called me and started begging that if he tell me i may not allow him to go,and where he is he send money to me and my baby any time he have money till now,pls advi...
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good day friends,,please i need advise,,am a girl of 23yrs old i live in europe,things are not getting better for me it my 4yrs now but nothing to show for it,,am still owning the woman that bought me to europe alot of money,when i was with her i use to work as a sex worker i have to sincere because i need advise,but i left her house to stay alone and pay her from there but nothing is working for me,,nothing at all,,am thinking of gathering some money about 5000euro and return back to nigeria an...
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Never yhu follow d sweetest voice of a guy bcox it get bitter later..he lied 2me and i fall into his trap........
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Am 24yrs,undergraduate I find it difficult to love a girl each time I try I fail. Pls pals advice me on that cos it killing me slowly...
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She came to my place yesterday. We kissed nonestop for more than three hours. She begged to have sex but i couldnt do it. Shes my first and only girlfriend. We started dating June this year. I am twenty two. I told her i couldnt do it because we are both virgins and i dont think sxx was what we wanted. She got upset and started shedding tears. Told me shes not a virgin and that she doesn deserve me. I must confess that the revelation was both a shock and a huge turn off and dissapointment. Come ...
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