I think my sister-in-law is trying to seduce me. She lives w...
I think my sister-in-law is trying to seduce me. She lives with us and every time my wife is not at home, she'd go bath and come to my room to ask for cream. And most times, she'd wear bra and pant only. One day I almost "grabbed" her, but thank God for his intervention. And my wife is not seeing anything bad in this when I told her I don't like her sister coming to our room, though I didn't tell her she comes in pants and bras only. Please warn her oo, cos I no good.

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good morning everybody, i just want to register some displeasure here on this confession board/forum, this place is a naija all for fun site where everybody is entitlement to a constructive or educative argument not insult, but i notice that there are some people that bent on discrediting all the efforts these admin had put in place to make sure this site is fun and friendly, how could people like finger print and co be like you are mad, you are this, does that really make sense?, common we need...
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eachtime we talk on phone he always cut d phone fast. He we say to me, how are you, how is everybody, if it is in d morning, he will say how is office, afta i will say fine. Dats all. He does not sound romantic. Like, say sweet things to me. Even at night d same thing. Pls, is dis normal. Dis is my husband to be....
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What must a man do for his r/ship to workout. even when d woman is showing less committed to d r/ship. Pls, is it a crime to show a woman who love her....
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oh my popsweets, don' t mind that baggyRulesss lil boy, paulnaija2 said so...
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' you are ' becoming unbecoming' is the correct phrase not you are becoming ' an' unbecoming. you dumb baggyfag!! fools don' t take correction, you need to go back to school or take an english grammar lesson you **** idiot! if english is so hard for you then stick to your native language....
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Like seriously what' s really wrong with we Ladies of Nowadays? Is bleaching your skin really going to make you the most beautiful girl in the world.....gosh! saw my old classmate today and she is like late Michael jackson ......and back then,I' m the oyibo to her....smh....no wonder as they say mostly everything about we ladies of nowadays are fake....but few of Us are still unique with their beautiful skin colour....
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awwwwww i love popsweet, she is so sweet and natural not like all ds coke and fanta, good morning everybody and God bless my crush popsweet...
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Pls am into making a decision for my life, which might affect my future or add gain to it, am learning a new business under my inlaw in another country, which he promise to open another branch for me to manage, maybe another country or so.. But at first, he said he will set up the new branch when I master the business, but what scared me most is this: (He said) I will settle you within weeks, months or years when you master the business, but right now, is 9months + and nothing serious has been d...
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I am a Caribbean lady who is dating a Nigerian married man who has 5 kids with his wife here in Canada .He is a wonderful man and helps with my well being .But the problem is that he is married .I know for a fact that he will never walk out on his family and I will never encourage him to do such. but may concern is that adultery is a sin .should I move on ? or stay because I get help from him .sooo confuse...
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Life atimes could be so hard and unfair. all my friends we graduated together have gotten jobs remaining only me. Some have even married wit kids. i have not gotten a job talk more of marrying. God pls, help me....
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