Hello, my fellow great nigerpals! I need advice from you all...
Hello, my fellow great nigerpals! I need advice from you all. People say I'm beautiful, so I have so many male friends. I have a 4-year old relationship with this guy. He is my first love. Two years ago, I met a guy on a chatting website (not naijapals). We became friends instantly. He resides at lagos and I at Ibadan. He has come to Ibadan to see me thrice, but I've never gone to see him(no time). We talk on phone everyday and we've become so obsessed with each other that we can't do without hearing from each other in a day. He knows about my 4-year old relationship, but he's so interested in me. He calls my boyfriend and they talk like friends. He always wishes that he could have me all to himself, but for my relationship. I like him so much, but I love my boyfriend more. He wants to come to Ibadan to see me, and he asked if he could at least kiss me when he comes, even if he cannot have a relationship with me. I'm confused. What do I do?

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