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Buongiorno a tutti! Vorei solo sapere se ci sono tanti di n...
Buongiorno a tutti! Vorei solo sapere se ci sono tanti di noi qui che parlano e anche sa a scrivere bene in Italiano cosi forse ci creamo un forum aparte. Cose ne pensate?

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guys, does anyone have an idea if chlamydia is 100% treatable because i have got it, and am so worried am scared of going to the doctor!! please no one should pass any judgments here. thank u....
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i hv this sweet family friends. infact my relationship with them is more of family cos i' m treated like one. but one of the girls is treading on a very dangerous ground. she recently told me that she is in love with me after i confronted her with some of her playing tactics which makes me very uncomfortable. the one that broke the camels back was the day i went to wake keeping with her brother. i left early cos i hv an engagement to attend to in the morning so i left my friend there. she sa...
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i want to become a racist when i grow up....
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Hello ma pals in the room,i need ur assistsnce i empregnented my best friend' s sister,so pls am asking for an adivce before it blows out plssssssss...
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hello pals, i have a confession, maybe more of an advice question(?) I haven' t been to 9ja, but really love someone I met over the net that lives in an impoverished area a year ago. He is very handsome and really sweet. He doesn' t ask me for anything except to be with him. I have read stories of American women being conned by 9ja men, but I cannot let him go. I feel as if a part of me is missing until I reach his arms. I want to know, what questions to ask, if blinded, to see if he is ...
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this one is 4 my home town only 4 de igbos?ndewo umu nne m na umu nnam,unu maram nke oma na site a.biko ewerem o bere nsogbu nwannem nwoke na enye m nwanyi ka ha wuru enyi maka na enyi m nwayi chotaram n' ulo anoghim ya mgbe o biara enyi m nwanyi juru maka mu nwannem agwa ya na anoghi ya o gwa ya na omara mma,enyi m ekwe ya thnx.wee si enyim nwayi bata na ulo enyi m nwanyi aju nwanne nwoke wee drag gi wa enyim ma bata zee juo ha ihe ha na eme enyim nwanyi wee si mu na nwannem choro i rape ya...
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I thank God,all the skelleton in my cupboard are very happy with the way i handle them....
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Does anyone know how to do those hairstyles they do in naija?----The hairstyles they use sewing thread to do (black sewing thread)? Like you wrap the thread around your hair and twist or something. There' s one particular one that you do by twisting the thread around your hair and keep twisting till you' ve twisted the thread around that hair. I' m sure some of you ladies know and also know the name (which I don' t), if not all of you. Can anyone explain how to do them or maybe a...
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for YOU, your angel stops to make known to all........ I regret useing the word LOVE for it have being betrayed by humans… But, what else is there to use in writing???? Plz accept, I LOVE U SO DEARLY DADDY IN MY SOUL YOU ARE YOU ARE THE ROOTS IN MY HEART THA BEAUTIFUL RIPE FRUITES. Thank you daddy!!! If I never knew you, I never knew life! I would have appreciated less a MALE/HUMANS. After my beautiful heart, broken! The word DADDY, you have made holy to my existence! confession : Daddy to...
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im just wondering........my naija ppl if u remember in d olden days they kal porn ' blue film' y was it blue and not some other colour...
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