i'm dating a very jelous guy but the annoying part is t...
i'm dating a very jelous guy but the annoying part is that, he is too lazy in bed, he wants me to always come on top, nd if he sees me with another guy he acts like a real jerk. i like him but his jelous nd lazy attitude is what i cant deal with..

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Thanks guys for d advice I really appreciate as a sociologist I try take public opinion as to know possible reaction to situation like this cus of differences in norms and culture among society. Bcus such a thing in the western world may be overlook by d public I mean dating a girl that age of 16. Beside helping me to solve that dilemma as I shall handle her as my younger kid. Beside I have and issue. I hadn't date a lady for all my life and am not too good in this boyfriend and girl friend...
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I need ur opinion, I am advance say like 35 and having a crush on a girl of 16. We attend same church, both sunday and week activities. This girl is turning me crazy by her look. So pls tell me if u know what does a girl mean by a crazy gaze and look at a guy on a frequency of 2minuts always cus I deliberately seat far behind her and sometimes far by her side no time I look her side I won't see her gazing at me. While am at her back same thing so obvious that I get nervous and kind of feel ...
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Why are all these pastors/prophets spoiling my shows? I had three babes, pastors/prophets succeeded in chasing two away tro dia prophecies/prediction s, telling them that am not gonna marry them, now d only one that is left has started visiting prophets too, she called and told me d prophet said we are going to get married next yr, if u ask me I wud say am not gonna marry her but let's see how God will do this wonder. But y are all these girls visiting prophets to inquire if I will marry the...
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Pls who can i upload my songs on this site....
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Pls pal,what drug or cream can i use for yeast infection/toilet deases.thanks...
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Pls pal,what drug or cream can i use for yeast infection/toilet deases.thanks...
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Good morning my people? how una side dey,? what is the sweetest thing someone has ever told u? Let's discuss mine was wen a mad man told me that I am beautiful...
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A friend of mine got married recently and complained of some things that is currently affecting his fresh marriage. His complain is basically about his wife. His first question was that, is it normal for a lady to enjoy pre-intimacy and hate sex? That his wife does not feel anything during the act of sex which discourages him from wanting to have sex cos he believes its not all about his own pleasure but a mutual pleasure of both partners. Secondly, does he always have to be the one to initiate ...
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When Jesus ment the samerian woman he told her sumtin , for the hour is going to come when the true worshipers will worship God in spirit and in truth . For God is seeking for such peopel my brothers and sisters that time is nw believe me we are in d last days the devil is working tiredlessly to make sure dat no body will make heaven be vigilant because iniquity has taken dominion over our youth of this days d devel is using the tins of dis word to blind the eyes of many but i tell u today the b...
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Hi, how una de? Una sleep well? Una de well? I hope so oo. Me, i' m just sitting here thinking. What if we all could write what we' re thinking of? What would you wrote? Me, i would Write: If only i had money, i would go to Nigeria meet with Olamide, wizkid, Davido, 2 Face Idibia, meet up with my husband k..., see his family, cook for him and them. If only i had money oo! hey, Chai! Money, Thunder fire you!!!...
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