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i'm dating a very jelous guy but the annoying part is t...
i'm dating a very jelous guy but the annoying part is that, he is too lazy in bed, he wants me to always come on top, nd if he sees me with another guy he acts like a real jerk. i like him but his jelous nd lazy attitude is what i cant deal with..

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little help pls.. i have some money nd 1month holiday but i dont knw where to go, can some1 suggest a place 4 me. tanks...
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yesterday my God father called my mobil phone and i was wiht my botfriend . my God father actually called me to come to his house to cook for him becos he had an accident few months back and he is not too okey . but, my boyfriend started seeing it in a very different way by concluding that i am having something to do with the man. this continued untill this morning. he has refused to call me and when i I called him, he said that he is tired of the whole relationship and that he wants us to test ...
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Though it is called internet fraud, scam and 419, but I call it the Way Out. I use to be a Guy man and I have access to the bank account of thousands of people in the UK and US but as a christian, I feel bad and wished to stop but it was not easy. Then I join this site and I became addicted to it. that' s how I became a changed person. Thanks to NP and to U my fantasy....
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Hey guy, within the last 2 months, I confessed how I fell in love with a sweet lady I met here and you all told me to let her know my feelings for her and take things slow with her and I did just that. Just few days ago, I told her my mind but what I was trying to avoid happend... she stopped talking to me. At times she pretend as if she didn' t see my mails or comments and its really making me sad. Pls Pals what can I do?...
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I started a fight last year that Obama was the weakest president US will ever have, though I lost the fight, I know I fought right, just dumb sentimental voters. Can you guys believe North Korea is bound to launch another 4 missiles later this month, after testing 2 underground missiles last month? Despite, US and UN warning, North Korea leader wouldn' t go back on his " deadly" mission. To add more to the insult, the Korea Leader said he' d not disembark on his mission except UN...
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I dont know what love is Anytime i try 2 feel it it somehow slips through my very fingers the two bfs ive had some far dumped me and got married just a week after i feel like a fool who has been used like a rag their excuse was i didnt let them into my (u know what!) i feel like i made a very big mistake letting them into my life in the first place it sure does Hurts...
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People this my confession,When I was younger, my brother would never lift the toilet seat up. Even after I begged and begged, he would still leave his mess on the seat for me. So I decided I would start cleaning it up - with his toothbrush.so day by day i dont kne how i could meet him up with this matter.do u think he will slap me or laugh with me cuz is so hilarious.hahahaha...
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Damn it' s dead in here.....not even d sound of a pin....well i guess it' s better than having meaningless confessions. Yea i know dis aint really confession but who cares......well i was just thinking about some film can' t really remember d name now where genevieve stared in and there was dis guy who liked her but she was married she then later had some financial probs so she needed money and he could give her dat money on one condition if only she allowed him 2 paint her she did e...
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IDK why some people here are just still fools 4 realz like i mean common, if you dnt have a real or nice thing to say here on confession, therez no need commin here to vomit trash 4rm ur nasty mouth mehn. pipo still need some common senses in there brains mehn Get a life Y' all muthaFcuker mehn.. see y' all after ur insults ... IDC if yu insult me ..itz not the 1st tym nor the last tym so carry on..Am still so special and uniQue and Wounderful and SWEETS..so HATERZ i dare yu To kIss ma A...
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i lost ma wallet on my way drivin back from toronto canada into ny usa.. now im worried some fool here on NP has probably found it nd getin ready to spend all ma moneys. listen, u with ma money.. plastics.. eat nd b weary im on ya tail lik ur shadow. hehehe. seriously tho im deeeeeeeeeeeepressed. pls call or email me. ransome reward for females only. apprehended...
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