I rily do nt think its wise 4 pple 2 b insultin odas whn the...
I rily do nt think its wise 4 pple 2 b insultin odas whn they try 2 bare their minds 2 u.If u think a confession is unreasonable,then u move on instead of makin mockery of d confee ,no 1 is mandated 2 comment.

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Its of no doubt that most beautiful girls are not humble, it is also advisable to look beyond d physical beauty wen choosing a wife, but guys, I really wish to marry a girl who is very beautiful and well mannered, pls, watz d probability that I will find such a lady? Beside, I believe in d efficacy of prayer and I believe that d expectation of God's children shall neva be cut short, I av bn praying abt this, pls join me and pray, if possible add it up wit fasting. Am also gud looking but no...
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Im a single guy of 30 years old. I met a girl, who came to enrol for JAMB examination in Benin, we fell in love "@first sight" When I took her home, I finds out that her my mother is her father's immediate elder brother, we already had sex and we continue in secret until she got pregnant. She became suspicious and asked who got her pregnant, we did abortion. Until she got married and travels out of the country. Recently, I travelled out of the country. Recently I got mails from he...
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it a suggestion, rather than a confession. I was thinking that NP should make it possible to reply a persons comment. Cause some people can they give fuck up advise. Thank you all.....
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guys I need help I'm a south African lady my bf his Nigerian we been together since 2013 we moved together after 8 months I'm older than him with 2yrs but his been a real man to me I meet his parents they came to SA 2013 December I've meet like everyone that came to SA to visit him even his two pastors. I know relationships has ups n downs but this cheating on me making excuses that no woman will compete with me cause I'm in his heart wen we discuss abt marriage he tells me h...
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I am inlove with my boyfriend's friend,anytime he comes around or i see him my heartbeats, i think of him day and night,if i dont see him,my heart will not be at peace,we even had a kiss days back, plz how can i stop dis madness? thanks...
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spreading ur leg to a man bcos he wants to marry u is bullshit............. it only leads to embarrassment at the head men zip up nd ladies close ur legs...
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Thanks guys for d advice I really appreciate as a sociologist I try take public opinion as to know possible reaction to situation like this cus of differences in norms and culture among society. Bcus such a thing in the western world may be overlook by d public I mean dating a girl that age of 16. Beside helping me to solve that dilemma as I shall handle her as my younger kid. Beside I have and issue. I hadn't date a lady for all my life and am not too good in this boyfriend and girl friend...
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I need ur opinion, I am advance say like 35 and having a crush on a girl of 16. We attend same church, both sunday and week activities. This girl is turning me crazy by her look. So pls tell me if u know what does a girl mean by a crazy gaze and look at a guy on a frequency of 2minuts always cus I deliberately seat far behind her and sometimes far by her side no time I look her side I won't see her gazing at me. While am at her back same thing so obvious that I get nervous and kind of feel ...
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Why are all these pastors/prophets spoiling my shows? I had three babes, pastors/prophets succeeded in chasing two away tro dia prophecies/prediction s, telling them that am not gonna marry them, now d only one that is left has started visiting prophets too, she called and told me d prophet said we are going to get married next yr, if u ask me I wud say am not gonna marry her but let's see how God will do this wonder. But y are all these girls visiting prophets to inquire if I will marry the...
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Pls who can i upload my songs on this site....
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