Sep. 5th 10:12 PM 2010
anybody home?


Sep. 5th 12:46 PM 2010
Ok mo ti gbo...Omo jesu ni gbogbo naa,wetin you want ni gba yen?


Sep. 4th 07:24 PM 2010
happy weekend... how the enjoyment...? well carry go is our time.

yh sumhow enjoyed it shaa

Sep. 3rd 11:05 PM 2010
Na Red-Label i carry come house oo...Bring your cup make i pour for ya

i am nt fine,,,, u caused it

Sep. 3rd 04:33 PM 2010
i am nt fine,,,, u caused it


Sep. 2nd 10:29 AM 2010
i attitude of 1guy can't b used 2cruxify d rest of us, plz gv us so respect. at 1st, wat did he do 2u


Sep. 2nd 01:06 AM 2010
love my sister . i will leave message at your box right away

eyaa pele oo

Sep. 1st 10:56 PM 2010
Ma fi ara le...Am cool as usual, traveled to celebrate a bufday wif a friend.

Hi quepasa2010.

Sep. 1st 10:35 PM 2010
don't worry itake my que from your good looks and the few words you write princess.

Birthday 2 months@coming?

Sep. 1st 05:34 PM 2010
Guess I got wrong info here, & I dunno what's responsible. But still I'm lonely & need sum1 2 talk 2 on a regular basis. Wld u like 2 be d one? I'll be so glad!