Sep. 18th 04:41 PM 2010
luv all ur pix

Hey sup

Sep. 18th 03:48 PM 2010
bbe gurl...hw's ur day going on over der?


Sep. 16th 03:17 AM 2010
ok we don hear ma.


Sep. 15th 09:50 AM 2010
lol i no go kill

yea my dear

Sep. 14th 07:18 PM 2010
iits ok at the reply ......am gud dear and my weekend was wonderful


Sep. 13th 08:01 PM 2010
You are right, am speaking for my self, Truly am different!!!..

that good to hear

Sep. 12th 04:57 AM 2010
ma sista nothin much ooo,just gona be an ordinary weekend as usual,go to church and come back,eat and chill at home ,just like that and also watch matches..heheheh,and u?wats ur plans?

you are welcome dear

Sep. 12th 02:10 AM 2010
lol i rush the man enter Ashawo joint no tym lolGlitter Photos
[Glitterfy.com - *Glitter Photos*]


Sep. 11th 03:29 PM 2010
Wish u'd change ur statement coz it's misleading. Gurlz r much worse & bloodsucking to boot!


Sep. 11th 11:19 AM 2010