Aug. 28th 11:35 PM 2010
Beautiful angel thanks for making me your pal, blessinhs to you and looking to seeing from you.all my love.

nice to hear that u love it. happy weekend to u

Aug. 28th 12:21 PM 2010
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it sounds nice pyeety. thanx 4stopping bu

Aug. 27th 02:49 PM 2010
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thats good to hear baby

Aug. 27th 06:42 AM 2010
am ok tanks, do have a lovely weekend baby

its ok dear

Aug. 27th 01:54 AM 2010
i got that,every one makes typo errors ..its inevitable when typing dear..so how have u been?


Aug. 27th 01:53 AM 2010
yea i know its true.....thx

mehn nothing much then

Aug. 27th 01:50 AM 2010
but now am off for my business...business first b4 pleasure u know..thats what they say and i think its correct....take care dear

hi baby

Aug. 26th 08:12 PM 2010
how was ur day ?

thats good

Aug. 26th 05:52 PM 2010
u take care of urself


Aug. 26th 03:58 AM 2010
where r they then?,where?..lol,so how are u doing doing?