Sep. 11th 11:15 AM 2010
Am waiting to hear from u...


Sep. 11th 01:51 AM 2010
how have you been beautiful? happy birthday in advise no sorry in advance

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Sep. 10th 04:01 PM 2010
where have you been naa???Bawoni? shey o wakpa?


Sep. 9th 07:42 PM 2010
The good once are not yet born; so they say,but yet the good once still exist but they are faraway.. and i think am one of them...Cos am for real and trustworthy easy to understand...

hey my dear

Sep. 9th 03:12 PM 2010
how are u doing?


Sep. 7th 08:16 PM 2010
Every time I think I've finally gotten through it, I find myself right back where I started. I wish I could get rid of the memories and forget we ever were.


Sep. 7th 06:45 PM 2010
hw u getting to college on thursday, am walking, short cut frm my end do u wanna come along

mo gentle paa

Sep. 7th 04:52 PM 2010
you won sabi yoruba pass omo yoruba gan gan self...you no add ami today ni?lol...Well bawo ni ara?


Sep. 7th 04:51 PM 2010
emi gan likey...


Sep. 7th 02:12 AM 2010
How are doing girl,, About your post not every guys are what u just mention (HEARTLESS).. for me am real in my deals