Mar. 3rd 03:07 PM 2009
how u doin hope all is well i i had wish to be ur pal if only u could grant me the authority to be. cos i so much love ur profile lolsss

wuz up

Feb. 13th 02:31 PM 2009
girl frend happy vals day

hp u re ok

Jan. 29th 11:44 AM 2009
havent heard from u hp all is well just try and flash ok i will cal u bak now


Jan. 14th 10:09 PM 2009
like ur kind of person. such a nice girl.


Jan. 14th 02:27 PM 2009
didnt u c my id can we chart

missed yah

Jan. 7th 03:54 PM 2009
sory could not reply any of ur mail hapy new year 2my dear frend hp u re ok tk

wuz up

Dec. 15th 05:44 PM 2008
hw u doin just droped by 2 say i care


Dec. 8th 08:51 PM 2008
What's up Banke, just passing by to say HI


tanks 2

Dec. 6th 12:01 PM 2008
am goooooooood!!!

wuz up

Dec. 3rd 01:25 PM 2008
havent heard from u hp u re ok